Canberra Grammar School Class of 1968 Reunions

2018 (Fifty Years) Reunion

Thanks to the outstanding organisational efforts of Fred Barnes, with the assistance of a small group of Canberra guys, the 2018 reunion, marking 50 years since most of the group left school, was a great success. A total of 64 (including partners) attended the various events. We were especially pleased to see some faces who have never been to a reunion or who have not made one for quite a long time, including Paul Hohnen, Ken Elliott, Tony Dooley, Doug Jerrems, Tim Harrison and Stewart McLennan. Fred’s summary of the week-end follows:

“Our welcome drinks in the Rose Garden at Royal Canberra Golf Club, was briefly silenced by a fly past of the RAAF Roulettes and an FA18; an appropriate welcome for everyone!

If I was ever, briefly, concerned about keeping the gathered throng entertained, I quickly dismissed the thought when trying to herd everyone to a photo point. The conversation at drinks, and later over dinner was comfortingly constant and focused. It was wonderful to see all the old faces, together with partners, immediately joining in social intercourse as if the past 50 years were nothing at all.

The 64 attendees, less two unfortunate late apologies, enjoyed an excellent meal together, punctuated with an, obviously, impromptu performance of “We’ll all be coming back” (apologies to Charlie Drake and “My boomerang won’t come back”).

After dinner, we had a real trip down memory lane with Paul Hohnen, Doug Jerrems and Bob Doyle performing a selection of classics: Apache, Needles and Pins, the Rise and Fall of Flingle Bunt and others. Their contribution to the night was a real highlight and received an enthusiastic response from all. We even succeeded in convincing them to do an encore! Greg Peters and Trevor Spring were also invited up as guest vocalists, much to their surprise (yeah, right).

An anonymous donor had very generously provided a special 1.75 litre bottle of 18 year old Chivas Regal to raffle, with the proceeds going on the bar. $680 worth of tickets were sold to the enthusiastic sippers and the lucky winner was Shin Joon Lee, who later shared glasses with all. At the end of the evening, I was advised by the function manager that none of the $680 was used! So after consulting with the donor the next day, it was agreed that we donate the sum to the Salvation Army, which has now been done.

All up, it seemed to me that everyone enjoyed themselves. It was especially gratifying to see a few fellows who had not previously been to a reunion and some who hadn’t been for a long time.

The school tour earlier on Saturday afternoon was well attended and Sandy, the school guide spent a lot of time, not only talking about what the school has done, but plans to do in the future. The physical organisational changes to the school since we all left are astounding and not without some serious challenges.

The recovery on Sunday was also well attended and despite the blustery conditions we enjoyed further opportunity to chat, with delicious BBQ cooked hamburgers and fresh salad, all washed down with plentiful drinks.”

A selection of photos from the week-end can be found by scrolling down the page.

Photos from our school days

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some historical photos. Please let us know if you have any to add! Contributions are welcome.

2015 Reunion

Well, what an enjoyable afternoon we had on Saturday 21st March, with 25 old 68ers, plus another six partners, turning up to the annual BBQ in Lennox Gardens.  It was a beautiful day for it, in fact we have been very fortunate with weather over the last seven years.  Everyone had a jolly old time of it over a few refreshments and barbecued lunch.

It was especially great to see some faces we haven’t seen for a while: John Brush, Eddie Sellers, Bruce Tier, Trevor Hall, Phil Kinmond, Henry Wilson, Arthur Hoyle, Brian Curry, Tom Green and Gavin Rayner. Richard Brewster and his wife Lucy made the trek from Melbourne and Trevor Spring also came all the way from Brisvegas, via Sydney! Check out the photos below (the first twenty are from 2015).

2011 Reunion

The third Saturday of March 2011 saw a convivial group of around 25 guys and partners convene in Lennox Gardens, across from the Yacht Club, for another afternoon of conversation and anecdotes. This included some chaps we hadn’t seen for a while, including John Harvey who came from Cessnock with a selection of wines from his vineyard, Ian Harvey (no relation I believe) who appeared from Sydney for the first time since 1968, and Shin-Joon Lee who just appeared out of nowhere. A group of our country friends (Trevor Hall, Tom Green, Brian Curry and Richard (Fred) Fraser) came once again and everyone was pleased to hear that they were enjoying a good season for the first time in many years. Afterwards they mustered a smaller group who kicked on to the Ainslie Football Club for dinner.

Among those who made contact this year but could not attend were Stewart MacLennan (from a barge in France), Paul Hohnen (from Amsterdam), Chris McIlrath (from East Timor), Gavin Rayner, John Somerville, Walter Raynolds, Peter Crick, Ed Hay, Andrew Dixon, Bruce Armstrong, Richard Brewster and Peter Bridge.

Our thanks go again to Fred Barnes for maintaining the database of contact details and sending out the emails to advise everyone of the arrangements each year. It’s good of him to take time off from golf to do this.

2010 Reunion

The venue for the 2010 Reunion was Weston Park in Yarralumla. Canberra’s superb autumn weather again was on show and ten inches of rain since Christmas had made the Park uncharacteristically green. A number of guys came down from Sydney to swell the numbers of the Canberra regulars, as well as some of the country blokes, including the recently appointed Mayor of Braidwood, Walter Raynolds. Needless to say, His Honour was shown a complete lack of respect by the other mere mortals present. Taking the prize for the longest distance travelled was Brian Rowe, who came all the way from Port Douglas to attend his first Reunion ever. Well done, Brian! Those present but not recognised by name in the pictures were Fred Barnes, Andrew Dixon, Michael Overall and Peter Ellerman.

2009 Reunion

Another shining autumn day marked the gathering on March 21, 2009. A slightly smaller group of about 25 met in Lennox Gardens beside Lake Burley Griffin for a barbecue, reminiscing, and a brief, breathless game of touch football which was won (not surprisingly) by the team running downhill.

John Handmer brought along a special guest, Debbie Cramp, who showed some photos from the Girls’ Grammar School, which brought back many dim memories of fumbling liaisons.

Check out the pictures below. Absent from these are Walter and Libby Raynolds, Wayne Gallasch and Peter Ellerman.

2008 Reunion

On the week-end of 2-4 May, 2008, ex-students of Canberra Boys’ Grammar School who finished Year 12 in 1968 (and others who were part of the same group but left the school before then) gathered in Canberra for a reunion to mark 40 years since they were set free.

In the intervening years the group has spread far and wide, with members now based in most States of Australia and several countries overseas. A concerted effort by an organising committee of Canberra-based ex-students ensured that around 60 of the approximately 100 in the Year were contacted, and of these 34 (with 13 partners) attended one or more of the functions.

Most people seem to agree the most popular event for the 68ers was a gathering in the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens on the Saturday afternoon. It was pleasantly informal and enhanced by a perfect Canberra autumn day. As each new arrival walked through the Gardens to the venue, those already assembled vied to guess who was approaching – 40 years of good living and receding(in some cases vanishing) hairlines meant that the identities of some remained a mystery until eyes met and hands were shaken. Others revealed themselves early due to a particular gait or mannerism remembered from long ago. Of course many of the group had kept in touch over the 40 years, but others were catching up for the first time. The broad smiles, pats on the back and genuine enthusiasm in meeting again were great to see. As one person said, it took only a little time before everyone became the 18 year olds he remembered.

Later in the day most of the group re-gathered at Rydges Hotel for the annual CGS Old Boys’ Dinner. Here we found that we are not far off belonging to the Vintage Club! The address to the Dinner guests was given by 1968 School Captain Edward Hay, still a worthy leader of the 68 rabble. It was an eloquent, honest and (in one particular), intensely personal speech, which everyone endorsed – click here for the full text.

After the Dinner wound up, a small group of diehards repaired to the suburbs for further merriment and an excellent guitar performance by the Year’s most modest member. It is doubtful that any of them made the Chapel service on Sunday morning!

Below you will find brief personal histories written by many of those who attended, and also by others whose commitments prevented it. There are also photographs from the old school days (look for some posted since the gathering), from previous reunions, and finally from the most recent get together.

If you have any additional photos from the old days, please send them on (and if you can shed any further light on who played in the centres in the First XV, let us know, as this has been a matter of some conjecture!)

68ers who haven’t yet submitted a history are welcome to email contributions to and everyone is encouraged to keep in touch to hear plans for future reunions.

Comments, feedback, stories etc.

If you have anything you'd like to post, reminiscences, drunken tales etc. please post them here.

Reunion Photos

Commencement of tour of the school, conducted by Sandy Goddard (right).  Dave Hughes, Stewart Mac Lennan and Dave Gordon close to camera. In the breezeway. The quadrangle, dining hall  and belltower have not changed much. The stained glass window in the chapel. Inside the dining hall.  Some remembered climbing into the roof space for a smoke! Next to the tennnis courts, which will now be moved back to near where they were in the 60's to allow construction of a boarding house for female students.  If only.... The old boarding house on the top floor at left, the new Snow Centre on right. Inside the Snow Centre. Pre-dinner drinks at Royal Canberra Golf Club.  David and Tricia Berman, Peter Bootes, Neil Moore, David Hughes. Doug Jerrems, Sue Dennett, Kien Seebgrets, Lesley MacLennan. Tony Dooley, Andrew Dixon, Neil Moore, Stewart McLennan, Robert Hopton, Doug Jerrems. In foreground: Kym Hewett, Bob Doyle, Peter Crick, Geoff Brown, John Handmer, Peter Bootes, Tim Harrison. Richard Brewster, David Hughes, Sue Hewett, Trevor Spring (in school tie!). Anne Walmsley and Jane Fraser. Greg Walmsley, Richard Fraser, Pirjo Spring, Gavin Rayner. Pirjo Spring, Judith Barnes, Christina Davidson. Phil Kinmond, Linda Elliott, Ken Elliott, Sue Green. Bonnie Williams, Siri Hall, Lucy Brewster and Heather Curry. John Hook and Anne Peters. Michael Overall and Brian Curry. Neil Moore, Doug Jerrems and Paul Hohnen. Trevor Spring, Bob Harvey and Robert Hopton. Sue Hewett, Richard Brewster and Kym Hewett. Bonnie Williams, Siri Hall, Ross Williams, Robert Hopton, Sue Green, Tom Green, Heather Curry. Tricia Berman, Robyn Overall, David Berman, Tony Ward, Shin Joon Lee and Peter Crick. Pirjo Spring, Kien Seebgrets, Geoff Brown, Sue Dennett, Neil Moore. Tony Dooley, Peter Bootes, Tim Harrison, Greg Peters, David Berman, Anne Peters, John Hook. Lucy Brewster, Richard Brewster, Tina Davidson, John Handmer, Andrew Dixon, Trish Roseby. Trevor Hall, Greg Walmsley, John Brush, David Hughes, Jane Fraser. Robyn Overall, David Berman, Tony Ward. John Handmer, Tony Dooley, Tim Harrison, Greg Peters, Anne Peters, Kien Seebgrets, John Hook, Jen Brown, Geoff Brown. Michael Overall, Tricia Berman, Robyn Overall, Shin Joon Lee, Peter Crick, Tony Ward, Denise Christoffersen. Gavin Rayner, Phil Kinmond, Eddie Sellers, Ken Elliott, Linda Elliott. Peter Ellerman making a presentation to (a very reluctant!) Fred Barnes with thanks on behalf of all for his many years of dedication to keeping the group together. The band is back together! - Paul Hohnen, Bob Doyle and Doug Jerrems . Greg Peters on vocals. Trevor Spring (suddenly hirsute) in an unforgattable rendition of G.L.O.R.I.A. The mosh pit. Recovery BBQ.  Bill Diamond, Andrew Dixon, Kym Hewett, Sue Hewett, Robert Hopton. At the Sunday BBQ.  Trish Roseby and Jen Brown in foreground. Tim Harrison, Tony Dooley, Shin-Joon Lee, Dave Gordon, John Somerville, Michael Overall, Wayne Gallasch. Wayne Gallasch, John Brush, Richard Brewster, Lucy Brewster. (March 2015) Tom Green, Peter Bootes, Peter Ellerman (March 2015) Brian Curry, John Somerville (March 2015) Dave Berman, Henry Wilson. (March 2015) Arthur Hoyle, John Somerville, Peter Bootes. (March 2015) Brian Curry, Tom Green, Gavin Rayner, Trevor Hall. (March 2015) Peter Bootes, Dave Berman, John Somerville, Peter Ellerman. (March 2015) Phil Kinmond, Eddie Sellers, Henry Wilson, Trevor Spring. (March 2015) Greg Peters, Dave Berman, Bruce Tier. (March 2015) Dave Gordon, Andrew Dixon, Phil Kinmond, Greg Peters. (March 2015) Anne Peters, Tricia Berman, Geoff Brown. (March 2015)  (March 2015) (March 2015) Trevor Spring, Dave Berman. (March 2015) In foreground: John Hook, Tricia Berman. (March 2015) Eddie Sellers, Brian Curry, Trevor Hall. (March 2015) Three boarders who all got the cane in their first night at the school! (March 2015) Standing: Trevor Hall, Gavin Rayner, Brian Curry, John Hook, Greg Peters, Bruce Tier, Richard Brewster, John Somerville, Arthur Hoyle, Michael Overall, Dave Berman, Geoff Brown, Dave Gordon, Phil Kinmond, Tom Green, Trevor Spring, Eddie Sellers, Peter Ellerman, Peter Bootes (Wayne Gallasch had left earlier). (March 2015) (March 2015) First XV:   Bruce Tier (linesman and sports psychologist), Peter Bootes, Peter Ellerman, John Somerville, Eddie Sellers, Michael Overall, Tom Green, Trevor Hall. (March 2015) John Harvey, Trevor Hall, Mike Overall, Geoff Brown (March 2011) Tricia Berman, John Hook, Dave Gordon, Dave Hughes, Dave Berman, Greg Peters (March 2011). Mike Overall, Peter Bootes, Ian Harvey, Geoff Brown. Some experienced imbibers discuss John Harvey's first vintage (March 2011). Foreground: Fred Barnes, Brian Curry, Heather Curry, Tom Green, Trevor Hall, Peter Bootes, John Harvey, Geoff Brown (March 2011). Ian Harvey, Mike Overall, Dave Turbayne, Shin-Joon Lee, Greg Peters, Dave Berman, Dave Gordon, John Hook, Tricia Berman (March 2011). Shin-Joon Lee, Dave Turbayne, Greg Peters,Dave Berman (March 2011). Siri Hall, Heather Curry, Trevor Hall, Peter Bootes (March 2011). Peter Bootes, Peter Ellerman, Trevor Hall, John Harvey, Tom Green (March 2011). Brian Curry, Peter Bootes, Peter Ellerman, Trevor Hall, John Harvey, Tom Green, Fred Barnes (March 2011). Greg Peters proudly displays his shirt from the Temora Aviation Musem (March 2011). Some more talent arrives: Jen Brown, Kathy Ellerman, Trish Roseby (March 2011). Kathy Ellerman, Jen Brown, John Hook, Mike Overall, Trish Roseby, Dave Gordon (March 2011). March 2010 Reunion Weston Park John Hook and Ed Hay (March 2010) Gavin Rayner and Dave Hughes (March 2010) Peter Crick and John Somerville (March 2010) Peter Bootes, Brian Rowe and Greg Peters (March 2010) Tom Green, Walter Raynolds, Michael Overall and Wayne Gallasch (March 2010) John Somerville, Tom Green and Walter Raynolds (March 2010)  Andrew Dixon, Dave Turbayne (March 2009) Michael Overall regaling Dave Gordon, Ed Hay, John Hook, Gavin Rayner, Peter Bootes, Peter Crick, Trish Roseby, Debbie Cramp (March 2009) Standing: Trev Hall, Anne Peters, Brian Curry, John Somerville, Bill Diamond. Sitting : John Hook, Dave Hughes, Dave Gordon, Ed Hay (March 2009) Rear centre: Fred Barnes, John Handmer (March 2009) Trev Hall and Bill Diamond compare kegs (March 2009) Fred Barnes shields himself from the glow of Greg Peters' shirt (March 2009) The boys try to recognise their old girlfriends from CCEGGS (March 2009) Guests at another event ... unfortunately! (March 2009) The stayers (March 2009) John Handmer & Robert Hopton.(2008 reunion) Robert Hopton and Phil Kinmond.(2008 reunion) Dave Hughes and Peter Ellerman.(2008 reunion) Phil Kinmond and Peter Crick.(2008 reunion) Mandy Lopez, Peter Crick and Dave Gordon.(2008 reunion) John Somerville and Tom Green.(2008 reunion) John Somerville, Jenny Brown, Dave Berman and Tom Green.(2008 reunion) Elizabeth and Tony Gardiner, Greg and Anne Peters, Wayne Gallasch, John Harvey, Dave Hughes.(2008 reunion) Dave Hughes, Fred Barnes, Peter Ellerman, Greg Peters, Tony and Elizabeth Gardiner.(2008 reunion) Michael Overall, Andrew Dixon, Bob Doyle(2008 reunion) Trish Roseby (Wallace), Peter and Kathy Ellerman, Trevor Spring, Fred Barnes, Peter Bootes, Geoff Brown, Richard and Lucy Brewster(obscured - whoops!), Ed Hay.(2008 reunion) Gavin Rayner, Henry Wilson, Dave Turbayne, John Handmer, Robert Hopton, Phil Kinmond, Peter Crick, Mandy Lopez.(2008 reunion) Dave Turbayne and Trevor Spring.(2008 reunion) Group photo with Jack Tyrrell.(2008 reunion). Group photo with Jack Tyrrell.(2008 reunion). Robert Hopton, Phil Kinmond, Peter Crick, Mandy Lopez, David Gordon .(2008 reunion) Gavin Rayner, Henry Wilson (2008 reunion) Robert Hopton, Geoff Brown, Tom Green, Phil Kinmond (2008 reunion). Fred Barnes, Geoff Brown, Dave Berman, Trevor Spring, Robert Hopton, Andrew Dixon. (2008 reunion). Peter Crick, David Hughes, John Somerville (2008 reunion). Peter Ellerman, Henry Wilson, Bruce Armstrong, Phil Kinmond (208 reunion). Gavin Rayner (centre) with a couple of 69ers, John Jones (left) and Steve Thompson. Tom Green and John Harvey (2008 reunion). Bob Doyle, Lucy Brewster, Wayne Gallasch, Richard Brewster. (2008 reunion). 2008 reunion, small group photo. 2008 reunion, small group photo. Wayne Gallasch, Richard Brewster, Peter Crick, Andrew Dixon, Dave Berman,  Ed Hay, Geoff Brown (foreground), David Turbayne, Trevor Spring, Peter Bootes, Fred Barnes. 2008 reunion. Anne and Greg Peters, Dave Hughes  (2008 reunion). Geoff Brown, John Harvey and Robert Hopton, who all attended Yarralumla Primary School. Peter Bootes, Ed Hay and Mike Overall, who all attended CGS Junior School. Cricky invites the stayers to the after party. Candidates for a civil union? Look out, they're on to the port. Several ports Henry Wilson and Greg Walmsley Afternoon drinks in the Rose Garden - Bill Diamond, Lucy Brewster, Wayne Gallasch, Geoff Brown, Richard Brewster, Robert Hopton, Andrew Dixon. Trevor Hall, Gavin Rayner, Ed Hay, Henry Wilson, Peter Bootes. Richard Fraser, John Somerville, Geoff Brown. Henry Wilson, Gavin Rayner, Robert Hopton, Darrel Watson. Bob Doyle, Andrew Dixon, Wayne Gallasch, Tom Green, Trevor Hall. Peter Crick, Peter Bootes, Fred Barnes, Richard Brewster. John Handmer, Dave Turbayne, Peter Ellerman. Three Davids - Gordon, Hughes and Berman. Greg Peters, Dave Hughes and Richard Brewster. Ross Williams, Henry Wilson, Richard, Fraser, Bruce Armstrong, Darrel Watson, Fred Barnes. Tony Gardiner, Robert Hopton et al. Greg Peters, Dave Hughes, John Hook, Michael Overall, Ross Williams. Trevor Spring, Ed Hay, Greg Peters. Richard Brewster, Phil Kinmond, Wayne Gallasch. Andrew Dixon, John Harvey. 2008 reunion. 2008 reunion. 2008 reunion. 2008 reunion. 2008 reunion. Our fearless leader giving his speech. Bruce, Armstrong, Darryl Watson (2008 reunion). The shamozzle before the group photo was finally taken. 2008. After the group photo with Jack Tyrell. 2008 reunion. Fred Barnes, Geoff Brown, Dave Berman, Trevor Spring, Robert Hopton, Andrew Dixon. (2008 reunion). Wayne Gallasch, Richard Brewster, Andrew Dixon, Ed Hay, Geoff Brown (foreground), David Turbayne, Trevor Spring. 2008 reunion. The "calling of the years" - ancient Old Boys' tradition. The remnants of the glorious First XV. (Absent: Francis Diala, Dick Lee, Kritikorn Jotikashtira, Bob Harvey, Paul Cotterill, Richmond Tamanabae, Michael Moran, Peter Joseph, ball boy Bruce Tier and Aiden Uware)

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Old Photos

Peter Ellerman (2018)

David Berman (2018)

David Fetherston (2018)

Lachlan MacLean

Trevor Spring

David Hughes

Ian Crebbin

John Cassidy

David Turbayne

Robert Hopton

John Handmer

Gavin Rayner

Kym Hewett

Paul Hohnen

Neil Moore

Peter Bootes

Geoff Brown

Peter Bridge

Wayne Gallasch

Stewart MacLennan

Richard Brewster

Fred Barnes

Edward Hay

John Harvey

Doug Jerrems

Mike Overall

Bob Doyle

The first XV (original has signatures on the back!) Back row: Tom Green, Robert Hopton, Kritikorn Jotikashtira, Peter Crick, John Harvey, Mr. MacDonald, Michael Overall, Tony Gardiner, Wayne Gallasch, John Somerville, R. Colquhoun. Front row: Bruce Tier, Paul Cotterill, Dick Lee, Francis Diala, Peter Joseph, Richmond Tamanabae. Missing: Peter Ellerman, Peter Bootes, Bob Harvey, Aiden Uware, Bill Diamond. Inhabitants of CGS Annex, late 1965. L to R - Tony Ward, David Gordon, Stewart McClennan, John Truelove, David Berman. Annex in background. 13.12.1966. David Gordon playing David Berman's guitar on Anthony Ward's bed in the boarding house. Taken outside belltower, 18.10.1968. Left to right(ish)- P.Ellerman, P. Hohnen, R. Brewster, Mr. J. Briggs, T Hall, J. Kinninmont, P. Kinmond, R. Munro, J. Harvey, D. Berman, R. Hopton, J. Somerville, G. Peters, D. Smythe, B. Tier, J. Handmer, T. Dooley, M. Overall, R. McIntosh, R. McCay, R. Lee, P. Crick. Taken outside Chem lab on 6th year day, 1968. (17.10.1968.) Left to right -  P. Hohnen, T. Dooley, D. Hughes, R. Munro, M. Overall, J. Somerville, R. McIntosh, J. Handmer, M. Croudace, J. Truelove. Taken outside Chem lab on 6th year day, 1968. (17.10.1968.) during double Chem period. Left to right - R. McCay, D. Rudduck, S. J. Lee, R. Munro, P. Hohnen, D. Hughes, G. Peters, T. Dooley, J. Somerville, R. McIntosh, P. Crick. 1988 Reunion. 1. David Berman; 2. Wayne Gallasch; 3. Peter "Wax" O'Brien; 4. Peter Crick; 5  Peter Ellerman; 6. Geoff Brown; 7. John Cassidy; 8. John Wright; 9. Gordon Smyth; 10. Rob Hopton; 11. Brian Curry; 12. Henry "Tractor" Wilson;13. Peter Bridge; 14. Charlie Connors; 15. Rory Gibson;16. Roy Morrow; 17. Rev. Jack Tyrrell; 18. Charlie Aitchison;19. Ralph Stephens; 20. Andrew McDonald; 21. Shin-Joon Lee; 22. Kym Hewett; 23. Andrew Holt; 24. Robert Fleming; 25. Geoff Crutchett; 26. David Turbayne; 27. Ian Harvey; 28. Jeremy "Jeb" Carew-Reid;29. John "Geek" Handmer; 30. Tom Green; 31. Carl Williams;32. Trevor "Grub" Hall; 33. Bill Diamond; 34. Gavin Rayner; 35. Phil Kinmond;36. David Gordon; 37. Tony Dooley; 38. Tony Gardiner;39. Doug "Jerry" Jerrems; 40. Fred Barnes; 41. Walter Raynolds; 42. David Hughes; 43. Eddie Sellers;44. Richard "Fred" Fraser; 45. Bob Doyle; 46. Andrew Dixon; 47. Malcolm McCourtie; 48. Bruce Armstrong; 49. Peter "Luddy" Bootes. 2003 reunion. 2003 reunion. 2003 reunion. The school from the air, 1965. Paul McKeown. 2nd year CGS. L to R: Ross Williams, Walter Reynolds, Peter Cotterill, David Berman, Douglas Jerrems, Richard Lee, Tom Green, Peter Ellerman, Gavin Rayner. Fred Fage. Ian Edwards. Jack Tyrrel. John Cann. Jack Tyrrel. Peter Bridge's caption reads "Cooking toast in aisle, 1967". Boys include Andrew Dixon, Phil Kinmond, John Gray, Krittikorn Jotikashtira, John Cursley, Richard Fraser and Trevor Hall. Aiden Uware? and Francis Diala. Snow trip 1965. Bus was overloaded. Science/ agriculture excursion - Clyde Mountain, 1966. Syco Daze - Doug Jerrems, John Harvey, Greg Peters, Paul Hohnen. Erik Adriaanse, Bob Doyle, Doug Jerrems, Charlie MacDonald, Jamie MacDonald, Paul Hohnen. School social, Boys' Grammar School, 1964. Left to right: Geoff Brown, Janet Willis, Carl Williams, Doug Jerrems. Murder in the Cathedral, 1967. Chorus members from left to right:  Michael Horne, Peter Ellerman, Mark Harrison, Fred Barnes, David Pitt, Tim Rankin, Jeremy Carew-Reid, Bruce Tier, Barry Spur. The cast also included Stewart McLennan, Anthony Dooley and Arthur Hoyle. Prefects 1968. Sub-prefects, 1968. Back: A. Dixon, D. Hughes, P.Ellerman, A.Dooley, D. Gordon, W. Diamond and R. Brewster. Front: R. Tamanabae, W. Gallasch, P.Crick, Mr. Briggs, A. Hardcastle, R. Harvey, T. Hall. Dickson pub? 1968. Rory Shannon, Fred Barnes, Robert Hopton, Peter Ellerman, Kym Hewett, Geoff Brown, John Kinninmont. First XV Rugby union - undefeated in A.S.C competition 1968. Paul Cotterill, Tom Green, Peter Ellerman, John Harvey, Peter Crick, Chick Harvey, Tony Gardiner, Wayne Gallasch, Frank Diala, Dick lee, Kriticorn Jokitashtira, Mike Overall, Peter Bootes, Richmond Tamanabae, John Summerville. Paul Cotterill, Tom Green, Peter Ellerman, John Harvey, Peter Crick, Chick Harvey, Tony Gardiner, Wayne Gallasch, Frank Diala, Dick lee, Kriticorn Jokitashtira, Mike Overall, Peter Bootes, Richmond Tamanabae, John Summerville.