David Turbayne

Found myself jumping on the green train as it was pulling out of the station in 1972 as an intern for an environmental group in Washington DC. Over the last 30 years have worked for a number of activist groups in the areas of environment, human rights and overseas aid. Also undertook a stint as a volunteer in Vanuatu.

Had my 5 minutes in the political sunshine standing as a Senate and House of Reps candidate for the Greens. Got married in the 70’s and divorced in the 80’s. Have been with my current partner for a PB of 9 years.

Finally won a gong playing tennis at age 47 in the Masters Games. Continued to play with a bunch of ageing farts on the Hill until back and groin strains led to hanging up the racquet in ’06.

Continuing to enjoy friends, bike riding, the National Folk Festival, being a Botanic Gardens volunteer and walking little kids to school while pretending to be a bus (The Walking School Bus).

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