Paul Hohnen

Paul Hohnen, Burgman, went to ANU, where he did Arts and Law. Bitten by an interest in Foreign Affairs, he joined it and had one.

Sadly, it was to be his first and last. He married Kien in 1976, and they have two wonderful daughters, Marieke and Kiki.

After post grad studies in Amsterdam, he had postings in Paris, Fiji, Brussels and Sri Lanka.

Looking for a less nomadic life, with a touch more content, he settled in a 300 year old house in Amsterdam, where he works on global environmental issues with a bunch of different international organizations and companies.

He has been active on climate change issues since 1989.

Retirement looks a long way off, and he is aging disgracefully, balancing consulting, rowing and music.

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3 responses to “Paul Hohnen”

  1. Neil Moore says:

    Dear Paul,
    How nice to meet you in this rather unexpected forum! The photo is actually one I did myself, which is not to say that your ones weren’t good too. I’ll give you a call soon. Neil

  2. Doug Jerrems says:

    That looks suspiciously like a fender strat. Good to see you still playing while you grow old disgracefully.
    Cheers, Doug

  3. Doug Jerrems says:

    Thanks for you kind comments. I have been looking for lead guitarists to jam with for years but no-one measured up to that brash young firebrand from the Syco Daze and North Fence(?)days.
    Hey Joe, Doug Jerrems

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