Mike Overall

Mike Overall, 1957 to 1968, Sheaffe House, brothers Andrew, Tim and Jonathan at school too.

My biggest school question: how did Trevor Spring bowl the whole Sheaffe cricket team out for 12 runs, if he wasn’t chucking?

Fiddled around at uni, eventually got an MBA, did a number of different jobs, now retired. Married Robyn in ’82, 1 daughter (doing year 11) and a son (fresher), 17 nephews and nieces.

Since school lived in Sydney, North Qld, New Guinea, USA and UK. Enjoys swimming, beaches, tennis, casual dinners out and travel (but hasn’t travelled much).

Always threatening to do something, but rarely does (Kokoda Trail, city-to-surf, drive to Broome, ocean swims, NZ walks) and if pressed will say he is in training for a hike in Tibet.

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