Peter Ellerman (2018)

Boarder 1963-68, Jones House. Allegedly suspended for drinking in 1968, but I deny all knowledge.

Attended ANU 1969-72, scraped through a B. Ec. with majors in bar studies and billiards. 1972-82 worked in various Government Departments in Canberra, gaining less and less satisfaction as I climbed the ladder. At the same time, I started to appreciate the natural world, and plants in particular. In 1983 I resigned from the public service and started a course in horticulture. I was a day student and house husband for a year and after that began work in a local garden centre while studying at night. Completed the course in 1985 with results the inverse of those achieved at Uni.

In 1987 I was appointed Horticultural Manager at Cockington Green Gardens, a privately-owned tourist attraction in Canberra, and I spent 22 wonderful years there maintaining and developing the gardens. In 2001 I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship and travelled for 8 weeks through 6 countries in the northern hemisphere to further my horticultural knowledge.

From 2010 to 2014 I was a self-employed gardener and landscaper, and then retired.

Married to Kathy since 1974, children Michael and Angela, two grand-daughters.

Volunteer with Canberra Legacy since 1994 with involvement in welfare and fund raising.

Interests: Travel (to anywhere), trekking in high places, the outback, national parks, gardens, photography, the environment.


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