Robert Hopton

My time at Grammar was between 1963 through to 1968, with 2 years boarding in Yrs 4 n 5. My friendship with John Kinninmont and Kym Hewett although being one of the highlights, also got me into a lot of trouble with I think the three of us setting the record of standing outside Jack Tyrell’s office 6 days in a row to receive 4 or 6 of the best.

My highlights included the Rugby teams that I played in with Peter Ellerman and the rest, the rowing and the people I met during these years.

After matriculating much to everyone’s amazement, I spent four years travelling, culminating in a motor bike journey from London to Australia, arriving back just after Whitlam got into power.

I have been in architecture and design for the last 30 years and am based in Sydney, where I am a senior partner and director of Woodhead, a large architectural and design company in Australia, Asia and Europe.

I am primarily focused on the Sydney and Australian markets, being responsible to the client as the client and/or project director, my role is one of project initiation, resourcing, leadership and business direction.

My wandering lust has never left me and luckily enough I am responsible for business development in Vietnam and India, where I have helped develop the residential, tourism, retail and Public Building portfolios and have successfully led teams in delivering highly complex and fast tracked mega projects in these more remote locations.

I have a passion for the built form and I relish the opportunity to be part of a team which provide solutions that excel, that improves the urban environment, are sustainable and recognize the imperatives of cost and time.

I am lucky enough to sail a Sydney 36 on the harbour, I also paddle a surf ski and am an active member of the Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club. I also am very happily married to the same person, Christine for over 21 years and have three daughters – 20, 17 n 12 years old.

Given the age of my youngest I will be working for a long time still, my other excuse is that it is my passion.

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