Doug Jerrems

Scored the lowest possible matriculation score at CGS. Graduated in Economics 1972, Dip Ed 1973, Politics (Hons) in 1975. Taught in Canberra – Deakin, Stirling, Campbell, Belconnen, Narrabundah.

At Deakin High School was involved in teachers band, Chorque and played on the club circuit for a number of years. A crap band but the punters loved the “show”.

Married Miriam Simons in 1981. Four children – Michelle, Ari, Monique and Rohan.

Married Suzie Dennett in 2005 and retired to Sanctuary Point, NSW, to a life dedicated to windsurfing and music. Still jamming and am interested in a jam with Bob Doyle, Paul Hohnen, John Harvey, Greg Peters on reunion night (or any other time).

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Erik Adriaanse, Bob Doyle, Doug Jerrems, Charlie MacDonald, Jamie MacDonald, Paul Hohnen.

One response to “Doug Jerrems”

  1. Paul Hohnen says:

    Hi Doug,

    You seem to have aged very well: you don’t look a day over 40!

    And what a lovely Taylor 12 string! I bet that gets its share of Badfinger and Leo Kotke numbers.

    Thanks for posting the old pics and the invitation to jam. I’m sure you could have taught me a few tricks.

    Sadly, I won’t be able to attend the veterans’ event. Work commitments plus a first grandchild expected. Otherwise I would love to have jammed away at our 60’s set list.

    I don’t play with a band any more, but there was a time a decade ago when I had an example of every lovely guitar ever made, and ran them through my 1965 Vox AC 30 TB! Now I’m down to two electrics (a Strat and a Les Paul), and a little custom made valve amp.

    Warm regards,


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