Edward Hay

Edward Hay, 1959 to 68, Captain of School. Spent 31 years as an auditor with the Australian National Audit Office, including ten years visiting Australian Embassies and High Commissions and retired in 2007 as Deputy Auditor-General for Victoria and returned to Canberra. Then worked for the World Bank on South Asia development projects,  holidaying around Australia when possible.

Fondest memories of School were the celebrations after the wins by our victorious football team. Greatest regret was never being good enough to play.

(Edward was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his late 50’s. At the 2008 annual CGS Old Boys’ Dinner, where he gave the address to the guests, he revealed his diagnosis and emphasised the importance of early detection and for men to be open in discussing health issues. He underwent treatment but suffered from complications as a result. He bravely battled declining health for several years, during which time he kept in contact with a small group of Canberra ex-school friends for dinners and games of cards. He passed away in July 2015.)

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